Contact Lenses

China Contact LensesContact lenses constitute a relatively new and growing field of the eyewear market. Similarly to prescription eyeglasses, there are prescription contact lenses that can be used for corrective and therapeutic purposes, but their use is also widespread for purely cosmetic reasons, for instance if a person wants to change their eye color.

The first successful contact lens was constructed and inserted by German physiologist Adolf Fick in 1887. This was no mean feat, as the direct contact of nonbiological objects with the eyeball generally causes the body to react against it. Soft hydrogel lenses were approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1971. Since then, the eyewear industry has made serious improvements in safety, design, oxygen permeability, etc.

A growing field with a lot of future promise in designer eyewear technology intends to combine contact lenses and computer technology to produce bionic lenses, which are a mix of biological material (to make them safe for the eye) as well as electronic and computer circuits and components. The development of bionic lenses would revolutionize the eyewear industry, promising a major breakthrough in overcoming serious visual impairments and maybe even blindness. It would also be a big hit in the field of entertainment–imagine what it would be like to walk down to the eyewear wholesaler, and buy an integrated computer and television set… in your contact lenses!

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